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September 6th, 2017

Day 35:

After 5 weeks and 11 cities, it was time to come home. It felt kind of weird that we would be back at home that night, but we were mostly excited to see our sweet baby Huckleberry. We finished packing, ate breakfast and said goodbye to our AirBnB hosts. We took the bus to the airport where we checked in and then had to go through security twice, once for the airport and once to go back to the US. We got a sandwich once we were at our gate, and got one last Guinness and Bulmer’s Cider. Our flight left at 12:50pm and we landed in Chicago at 3:30pm, even though it was a 7 hour flight. We watched lots of movies on the way home, but it still felt like a long flight. Once in Chicago, we had to go through customs and security again. We had a 4 hour layover here, so we decided to eat our “dinner” in the airport. We already felt pretty exhausted, so we also had lots of coffee throughout the day.

We left Chicago at 7:25pm and landed in Memphis at 9:20pm. By now, it was 4:00am in the timezone that we were used to, so we were pretty groggy, but excited to be home. All of our luggage made it home, and Cole’s family was waiting at the airport to take us home. Once we got there, we crashed for the night in our familiar bed.

Overall, this trip was once in a lifetime. We knew that we would probably never have this opportunity again, definitely not for 5 weeks, so we did everything we could and made the most of it. This was both of our first time in Europe, and we learned and experienced so many different things that we are so thankful for. It wasn’t always easy navigating through all of this unfamiliar, non-English speaking territory, but it was so worth it. Between the food, the sights, and the people we met, we wouldn’t trade this time or experience for anything. One day we hope to go back to see some familiar things again, but also to take on new adventures together, and we can’t wait until then.